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                                                        Abiraterone Acetate Tablets

                                                        Abiraterone Acetate Tablets are prescribed by the health care professionals to patients who has prostate cancer. This medicine in the tablet form is prescribed mainly in combination with other medicines. This tablet can be taken by mouth once a day on an empty stomach. The dosage and schedule are determined by the healthcare professionals after studying the condition. The onset and duration of the possible side effects of this medication can be predicted. It is possible to reverse the side effects of the medicine. The healthcare professionals can manage the side effects as well as prevent the side effects, such as muscle ache, hot flashes, joint swelling, diarrhea, to name a few.
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                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets xbira of cipla

                                                        Price: 9700 INR

                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets Xbira of cipla 250mg

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                                                        Abiraterone acetate zecyte

                                                        Price: 9000 INR

                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets zecyte 250mg of cipla 120 tablets

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                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets Bdron

                                                        Price: 8200 INR

                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets Bdron of bdr 500mg

                                                        Product Image (11111)

                                                        Abiraterone acetate Bdron of bdr

                                                        Price: 8000 INR

                                                        Abiraterone acetate tablets Bdron 250mg of BDR

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                                                        Abiraterone Abiratas 500mg

                                                        Price: 9800 INR/Box

                                                        Abiratas is a leading brand of Abiraterone acetate of intas

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                                                        ARBITUS 500MG

                                                        Price: 10900 INR/Bottle

                                                        ARBITUS 250MG contains a medicine called abiraterone acetate.

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                                                        ZYBIRAA 250MG

                                                        Price: 9100 INR

                                                        ZYBIRAA 250MG contains a medicine called Abiraterone acetate.

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                                                        Samtica 250mg Tablet

                                                        Price: 6000 INR/Bottle

                                                        Samtica 250mg Tablet Manufactured by Samarth Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

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                                                        AHABIR 250 mg

                                                        Price: 8000 INR/Bottle

                                                        Ahabir 250 mg Tablet is an anticancer medication.

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                                                        Abiratrad IP 500 MG

                                                        Price: 10500 INR/Bottle

                                                        Abiratred is leading Brand Of DRL In Abiratarone

                                                        Product Image (30049049)

                                                        Abirapro 250mg

                                                        Price: 6500 INR/Bottle

                                                        Abirapro is leading Brand Of Glenmak In Abiratarone

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                                                        Abiratas 250 mg

                                                        Price: 8500 INR/Bottle

                                                        Abiratas is leading Brand Of Intas In Abiratarone